Marie Element DipCH, MAHA (Fellow), HCA

I have been a practicing Clinical Hypnotherapist and Counsellor for more than thirty years. As a wife, mother and grandmother, I have an understanding of the problems that can arise in a family situation.

I am a Fellow of the Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association and a member of the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia 

At my practice in Highgate Hill near South Brisbane, I help clients achieve a wide range of goals, like solving the many types of health problems where hypnotherapy, or hypnosis as it’s also known as, is highly effective, as well as helping to achieve personal development goals, for example: improving sports performance, gaining confidence with public speaking, or achieving restful sleep.

For many of us, weight management can be a real challenge. There is a wealth of evidence showing that diets rarely work for very long. Hypnotherapy is a well proven tool that can help you deal with the underlying causes of weight problems. Once they’re dealt with, then the need for dieting often disappears forever.

I work with Pediatric Gastroenterologists at Royal Brisbane Hospital to help  Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) sufferers, including children, with pain management, eating and digestive issues. And of course, I have a Blue Card for working with children.

Hypnosis is a fantastic tool to help smokers finally quit, permanently and comfortably. My tailored programme consistently achieves excellent results. Click here to learn more

Some clients who lead mentally demanding and challenging lives see me as a kind of mind coach helping to keep their mental performance at a peak level, much the same as a champion athlete who, even at the top of his or her game, still spends time with a coach. Using hypnosis along with powerful visualization techniques, can lift performance in almost any area of human activity.

Since setting up my practice in Brisbane I have worked with clients on a wide range of health related issues, addictions, life goals and performance improvement, and with couples seeking help with their relationships. Click on the Conditions tab for more details of the range of  conditions where hypnotherapy is of proven benefit.

Every day, I am achieving genuine, measurable results with clients  in resolving these issues.

Perhaps you would like help to overcome a problem, achieve a goal, or perhaps you are living through a stressful time and would simply like a period of total relaxation to recharge your batteries and fine tune your intellectual skills.

Clicking on the Conditions tab above will take you to a list of pages with additional information about some of the types of situations where I am making a difference in the lives of  my clients.

I can help.

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