Hypnosis for Anger Management

We all know what anger is. It’s when there’s disagreement, shouting, finger pointing and maybe even violence.

But it can be more than that. Any of these situations can, and often do, involve anger:

  • When I am displeased with someone I shut down any communication and withdraw;
  • I get very tense inside when I try to do something difficult;
  • I feel frustrated when I see someone else having and easier time than I am, or when I see unfairness;
  • There are times when my discouragement just makes me want to call it quits;
  • I can be quite aggressive in my business pursuits or even when just playing a game.

Sometimes we externalize our anger, which involves other people and can negatively affect our relationships and how others perceive us.

And sometimes we internalize our anger, and this can profoundly damage our health. It can lead to us living in a permanent state of harmful stress.

At one time or another we all get angry, sometimes it’s justified, but often, well, not so much.

It becomes a problem when we find ourselves becoming angry often and easily; and staying angry for long periods.

We get angry because our subconscious doesn’t know any other way to deal with the situation we’ve found ourselves in. Our subconscious uses anger more and more as a response until it becomes a habit.

Fortunately, habits and the subconscious are areas where hypnosis has over many decades proven to be a powerful and effective tool.

Using hypnotherapy, I help the subconscious to resolve past experiences that may have become anger triggers, and teach he subconscious more effective ways of helping to keep you safe and on track, (because that’s what the subconscious is always trying to do).

The result is that clients retain their energy and passion but no longer need to fall back on anger to deal with life’s exigencies.

You can be rid of those harmful feelings of anger and frustration, yet retain your passion and enthusiasm for life and work. You can remain calm and relaxed in any situation. I’m happy to confidentially answer any questions you may have about how hypnosis can help with anger management, so why not give me a call on
0421 396 994

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