Hypnosis for Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety is a strong fear of being in a situation with other people where we might be judged by them and or become acutely embarrassed.This fear can be so strong that it gets in the way of going to work or school or doing other everyday things.

Everyone has felt anxious or embarrassed at one time or another. For example, meeting new people or giving a public speech can make anyone nervous.

But people with social anxiety worry about these and other things for weeks before they happen. People with social anxiety are afraid of doing common things in front of other people. For example, just walking into a room where a crowd is gathered can be a truly terrifying experience for those suffering from Social Anxiety and may result in physical symptoms such as shaking, a feeling of weakness at the knees or sweaty palms.

Hypnotherapy is a highly effective way of addressing Social Anxiety and almost always clears the problem up in a few sessions.

Almost all anxieties and phobias have underlying causes, many of which lie in our past experiences. Often they’re a consequence of the subconcious taking what it thinks are logical steps to protect us from repeating a situation that has caused us distress in the past.

Using hypnosis I work directly with the subconscious to develop new, more effective and useful strategies for it to keep you safe, and the symptoms and feelings of anxiety usually disappear quite quickly.

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You can be rid of those feeling of anxiety and fear in social situations.
You can be the confident, self assured person in public that you’d like to be.
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