Hypnosis For Grief and Loss

All of us struggle at some point in our lives with grief and loss.

An increasingly popular approach to dealing with grief, loss, and abandonment issues is to prescribe antidepressant or anti anxiety medication. This may be because many of the symptoms of grief are similar to those of clinical depression, including depression, loss of appetite, thoughts of suicide, sleep deprivation, etc.

Medical research however clearly indicates that while these drugs can sometimes provide temporary relief from the worst ravages of grief, their effects are only temporary, and provide no substitute for the process of grieving which is essential for the recovery of our emotional health and happiness.

We grieve for different reasons; the loss of someone dear to us, perhaps a lover or family member; the abandonment, betrayal and loss of the dream of love we might feel when a relationship ends; grief we might feel when our own choices and behavior have damaged or even destroyed a relationship.

In all these situations, a skilled hypnotherapist can help to lessen the fears, anxious feelings, pain and sadness.

Hypnosis can ease the essential journey through grief until the grieving soul is ready to begin the healing process.

Once this point is reached hypnosis can help in a different way, by guiding the subconscious back to a fulfilling and optimistic view of the future.

You can ease the pain and suffering of grief and regain a sense of life’s purpose.
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