Hypnosis for Conception

For many, becoming pregnant can be a challenge. As well as the physical aspects, lifestyle, environmental factors and state of mind can all affect the likelihood of a successful conception.

Have you ever heard of couples who try for years to conceive before finally adopting, nd then, after the adoption, they become pregnant?

It’s a common occurrence, and the reason it happens is that after the adoption the stress associated with trying to conceive reduces. With the stress levels lowered, a successful pregnancy often occurs.

Assisted conception, especially IVF, can involve highly complex, personally challenging and sometimes uncomfortable procedures.

And it can be expensive as well.

All these factors only add to a woman’s stress levels. And as we have seen, high stress levels do reduce the likelihood of becoming pregnant.

A recent article published in the US had this to say about the use of hypnosis:
“Women who are hypnotized before undergoing the transfer of an embryo by in-vitro fertilization (IVF), may be more likely to become
pregnant, Israeli researchers report. Dr. Eliahu Levitas of Soroka University Medical Center in Beer Sheva and colleagues found that nearly 60 percent of a group of women who used hypnosis during the procedure became pregnant. This compared to about 30 percent of a group of women who didn’t use hypnosis.”

Click here if you would like to read the entire article.

A woman undergoing IVF or other forms of Assisted Conception may experiencevery high levels of anxiety through concern about the process itself or fear that it will not be successful, sometimes without even being aware of the stress. The mind may not be aware, but the body is!

As the research that the article talks about shows, that stress can negatively effect the outcome.

By working with a client in the lead up to the procedures, I can help to ensure that the mind and body are working together to reduce the risk that stress and anxiety might lower the chances of a successful result.

I can help you to maximize your chances of a successful conception.
I’m happy to confidentially answer any questions you may have about Hypnotherapy and Assisted Conception, so why not give me a call on
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