Hypnosis for Pain Management

Hypnosis has long been known as a highly effective, side effect free way of managing pain.

Consider that the placebo effect, where a person feels reduced or perhaps no pain at all after being given a sugar and water solution and told that it is a powerful pain reliever.

This proves that the mind plays a powerful role in the pain process. Which is not surprising as pain is the body’s way of telling the brain that something is amiss.

The two most common applications of hypnosis in pain reduction are hypnoanalgesia (the use of hypnosis to decrease sensitivity to pain) and hypnoanesthesia (the use of hypnosis to numb sensation of pain).

Increasingly, hypnoanaesthesia is being used in surgical situations where for other medical reasons a patient cannot tolerate normal anesthetics.

The underlying reasons for constant pain should aways be properly diagnosed and treated. But, often, for a variety of reasons, the pain itself can persist, sometimes for long periods.

Drugs are an option, however they do come with side effects and some people are unable to take them.

Using a combination of hypnosis and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), I have helped many clients to reduce their pain levels considerably; in some cases to a point where the pain disappears completely.

I also teach clients simple techniques that can be used anywhere at any time to deal with any pain that reappears, say after a specific, intense activity, which might reactivat a pain source.

Children are usually very good at mastering these techniques and several doctors, including pediatric gastroenterologists at Royal Brisbane Hospital, send children to me for help with pain management.

Hypnotherapy and EFT can bring you relief from constant pain.
I’m happy to confidentially answer any questions you may have about hypnotherapy, EFT and pain management,
so why not give me a call on
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