Hypnosis for Skin Disorders

One of my clients, whose hands were splitting and leaking fluid had been to a dermatologist who looked at them and remarked, “The skin weeps for a troubled soul.”

The specialist sent his patient to me and after a process of hypnotherapy his hands cleared up completely.

In a classic experiment, Japanese doctors Ikemi and Nakagawa hypnotised volunteers and told them that a leaf applied to their skin was a toxic plant, such as a poison ivy. The plant was harmless but the subjects’ skin became red and irritated. The same experimenters applied the real toxic plant to other subjects’ skin after telling them it was innocuous. The expected biological reaction of irritation did not take place.

Clearly, our emotional state and our thoughts can and do affect our skin in real, physical ways.

Of course, there are many medical reasons for the various skin disorders and these first should be eliminated as a cause.

But persistent skin problems of all kinds that do not respond to medication usually do respond to hypnosis, perhaps coupled with counselling where external factors are contributing.

In many cases, hypnotherapy sessions coupled with learning and using simple, easy to learn self hypnosis techniques, enable my clients to permanently get rid of annoying skin problems.

You can find relief from irritating and disfiguring skin problems.
I’m happy to confidentially answer any questions you may have about hypnotherapy and skin disorders, so why not give me a call on
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