Hypnosis for Performance Anxiety

Are you nervous about giving an important presentation at work?  Do you want to reduce your anxiety for that big performance, athletic or sporting coming up?  Do you have stage fright?

 For many of us  performing in front of an audience or in an intensely competitive situation can be an uncomfortable and frightening experience we’d prefer avoiding. Performance anxiety (often called stage fright) is a state of intense anxiety that happens prior and/or during a performance. This fear may occur when giving an in-class or a conference presentation, performing a piece of music, going for a job interview or any situation
in which a particular activity brings the presenter to the attention of an audience.

Many individuals experience brief anxiety prior to a performance that dissipates as the performance begins. However, if you struggle with performance anxiety, you might often experience physical and emotional discomfort such as sweating, shaking, voice quivering, rapid heart beat and feelings of fear, dread and panic. These intense sensations come in waves before and during a performance, subsiding, but reappearing again, and can be debilitating to you as a speaker or performer.

Performance anxiety is often caused by cognitive distortions, which are irrational patterns of thought founded in subconscious beliefs. .You may believe that you are not ready despite sufficient preparation or that the audience is judging you.  To help you control performance anxiety the underlying beliefs must be recognized and addressed. Hypnosis can help alter those beliefs.

 How does hypnosis help?

Through hypnosis, you can learn about the irrational beliefs that are causing the performance anxiety. A skilled hypnotherapist, using hypnosis can help you change those beliefs to ones that are helpful, not harmful.  You can also learn useful relaxation techniques while in the hypnotic state.

This results in the anxiety and fear dissipating, to be replaced by the kind of low level tension that actually enhances a performance.

You can be permanently rid of performance fear and anxiety.
I’m happy to confidentially answer any questions you may have about how hypnosis
can help with performance anxiety, so why not give me a call on
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