Hypnosis for Procrastination

We often hear oversimplifying comments about procrastination; things like, “It’s just putting things off,” or “Just use a bit of self discipline”.
But procrastination isn’t always that simple.

Often it’s caused by fear, either of the difficulty or perhaps failing at the task.

Sometimes, people procrastinate about certain tasks, such as making a phone call. In such cases, there is almost fear at the heart of the problem.
Usually, the sense of fear is not obvious and the cause may be completely unknown to the sufferer.

But the fear is still real, and its effect is both real and obvious.

The reason why the cause and feelings of the fear are usually unknown is because this is all going on at the subconscious level. The fear may have originated with some event in our distant past which has led the subconscious, which is always acting to protect us, to decide that we are made safer by avoiding doing certain things.

This is why Hypnotherapy is so effective with procrastination.

Using hypnosis, a skilled hypnotherapist can work directly at the subconscious level to identify the root cause of the procrastinating behaviour and help the subconscious develop more effective and helpful ways of protecting the sufferer.

This almost always results in permanently ending the procrastination problem.

You can be rid of Procrastinating behavior forever.
You can once again achieve your goals and hit your deadlines.
I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about Hypnotherapy and Procrastination,
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