Hypnosis for Self Confidence and Self Esteem

We’ve all heard of a self fulfilling prophecy; it’s when the very fact that we expect an outcome brings it about.

Well, that’s basically what low self confidence or low self esteem is.

We don’t expect success and so we don’t achieve success. Our prophecies about ourselves are fulfilled.

So, the question is, why do we constantly, day after day, in all kinds of situations, have that low expectation of ourselves? Where does it come for?

The answer lies with the small voice that each and everyone of us has in our head; that voice that’s constantly telling us about ourselves and about the world around us.

It’s that voice that tells us we can’t run that fast, remember that much, attract a partner, and so on.

So, where does that inner voice come from? How does it come to speak with such authority.

It comes from our subconscious and we, consciously or unconsciously, give it that authority.

And that is why arguing with that inner voice is so rarely helpful. Because we’re having a conversation at the conscious level but the voice is coming from our subconscious.

A skilled hypnotherapist, using hypnosis, works directly with the subconscious to uncover and deal with the reasons that our inner voice is so negative.

The result is an inner voice that is supportive and encouraging of us in all our endeavors.

You can become a highly self confident person successfully pursuing your dreams
I’m happy to confidentially answer any questions you may have about how hypnosis
can help with low self confidence or low self esteem, so why not give me a call on
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