Hypnosis for Emotional Eating

The obsession about food and healthy eating is very often related to anxiety and emotional problems. It is a part of a vicious circle when combined with the obsession about body weight and body shape or the fear of illness. Anxiety and unresolved emotions trigger the emotional eating; the obsession with forbidden food brings guilt and feeling out of control, so negative emotions became stronger and more emotional eating follows.

Intensely experiencing almost any emotion can be a trigger for emotional eating and can lead us to reach for our individual ‘comfort food’ although negative emotions like, stress, boredom anxiety or disappointment are the key ones.

Hypnotherapy is one of the most successful methods of treating emotional eating as it helps in a number of ways.

Using hypnosis, I can work directly with the subconscious, first to identify why certain events trigger the emotional eating and then to guide the subconscious to choose other, more effective and non-destructive ways of helping you, which is what your subconscious is always trying to do.

Also, hypnosis is a wonderful way to achieve a state of deep relaxation, which will reduce the intensity of the emotions that trigger the emotional eating episodes.

You can permanently end emotional eating and regain a healthy relationship with food.
I’m happy to confidentially answer any questions you may have about hypnotherapy and emotional eating,
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