Hypnosis and the LGBT Community

While most clients’ goals and issues may nominally appear the same: Anxiety, Self Confidence, Insomnia, Weight Control, Relationship Issues, Loneliness, Motivation, Addictions, Stress or Stopping Smoking to name but a few, the personal histories of LGBT identifying clients need to be heard in an affirming and safe environment for positive and rapid personal change to happen. In other words your personal story and goals needs to be able to discussed without fear in a supportive way.

However, it’s no secret that LGTB people can face a unique set of difficult life issues living and working in a gay-unfriendly world. This can include bullying and isolation, growing up gay in schools and families and religions that didn’t understand; living and working in communities & work places in which it isn’t okay to be gay or sometimes worse, actually dangerous to identify as LGBT.

Such situations inevitably cause high levels of stress, which in turn triggers the produciton of stress hormones which, over a prolonged period, can damage a person’s health.

A skilled therapist using hypnotherapy can reduce the stress levels, and guid the subconscious to not react to such experiences in a stress inducing way.

This, together with easily taught self hypnosis techniques can make a world of difference to a person experiencing difficulties due to their sexual orientation.

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