Hypnosis for Stress

We all experience a stressful episode at some period or other in our lifetime. It is not the situation, but our approach and reaction to the situation that results in stress.

Constructive thoughts are encouraging and boost confidence. They help us to reach our desired goals.

Destructive thoughts result in mood swings, lack of confidence and more devastating outcomes.

The body responds to anxiety-provoking thoughts and events with muscle tension, which actually increases the subjective experience of anxiety (Dr. Edmund Jacobson; 1920). The reason for stress can be internal that is within one’s own mind and body or due to the influences of the external environment. One out of five working population have job related stress. Other problems include interpersonal relationships like marriage; divorce, changing homes, separation or death of loved ones, family issues, accidents, debts, health problems, exam failures, premenstrual tensions and a lot more. But some people get stressed even without any reason.

Stress is not always bad. Some amount of stress is necessary to achieve our goals and fulfill our wishes like waiting for a reward. Some amount of stress increases adrenalin secretion and aids in improving performances. But long term, neglected stress can lead to depression and can result in general deterioration of health, ulcers, heart attacks, hypertension, diabetes, asthma, stroke, vague pains in neck and lower back, permanent psychiatric illnesses and even death. (Nigel Magowan 2007) It can also affect nervous system and immune system. Some studies say that many cancers are due to wrongly directed emotions and feelings. Around 75% of health problems are due to psychological imbalances.

Hypnotherapy is an ideal to for dealing with unwanted or out of control stress because it addresses it in two ways.

First, it enables to stress sufferer to relax; to ease the tension out of stressed and tight muscles. This feeling of muscular relaxation brings immediate relief.

Secondly, a skilled therapist using hypnotherapy can work at the subconscious level to help the subconscious develop different, harmless but equally effective ways of responding to the situations creating the stress.

Our subconscious is always trying to protect us, mainly by preparing us to deal with perceived threats. But because the subconscious cannot tell the difference between imagined situations and real situations, it is often preparing us for a nonexistent threat.

Thus hypnosis is the perfect tool to work at the level of the root cause of the harmful stress.

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You can be rid of those disturbing and harmful symptoms of unwanted stress.
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