Hypnotherapy and Bed Wetting

In 2004, a study appeared in The Journal of Norwegian Medical Association about using hypnotherapy to treat patients with chronic nocturnal enuresis. The study consisted of 12 boys ranging in age from 8 to 16.
All of the boys had been diagnosed with primary nocturnal enuresis and four were also diagnosed with diurnal enuresis (daytime accidental urination). All 12 reported an average of 0 dry nights per week. The 12
participants also had a family history of bedwetting. The participants also had tried other forms of treatments such as the bedwetting alarm and medication.

The 12 patients underwent a medical exam prior to participating in the research study. The boys had  between 2 and 8 hypnotherapy sessions as part of the study. They also practiced self-hypnosis on their own
for about one month after their hypnosis sessions.

Two follow-ups were performed at 3 months and one year intervals after the hypnotherapy sessions. During both follow-ups, 9 out of the 12 participants reported 7 out of 7 dry nights per week. The researchers
referred the 3 patients who continued to experience bedwetting to seek additional medical or behavioral treatment.

The researchers concluded that hypnotherapy is an effective treatment for boys experiencing chronic bedwetting. They also recommend that hypnotherapy be part of the treatment for boys diagnosed with
nocturnal enuresis.
Diseth, T. H. & Vandick, I.H. (2004). Hypnotherapy in the Treatment of Refractory
Nocturnal Enuresis. The Journal of Norwegian Medical Association, 124(4). 488-91

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