Hypnotherapy for Children

Hypnotherapy has a long history of helping with children’s problems, beginning with Mesmer in 1779 who described how he helped a child with vision problems.

For a long time it was thought that children could not be hypnotised but in the 1970’s a series of studies showed that children are actually easier to hypnotise than adults and that hypnotherapy can be helpful with childhood behavioural and physical problems.

Robert Schacter, a renowned clinical psychologist at New York’s Mount Sinai School of Medicine, who has considerable experience in the use of hypnosis with children, has found that hypnosis works best with children from the age of 5 onwards.

One area where hypnosis has proven quite valuable is in helping children manage painful or uncomfortable treatments, for example, regular injections or chemotherapy. I need to be clear about what I mean here; I am not suggesting that Hypnotherapy is an alternative to these treatments, but rather that children can be taught, often quite easily, to self hypnotise. This will help them to remain calm and to cope more easily with the discomforts sometimes associated with these vital treatments.

Hypnotherapy can often help children to build self confidence or to eliminate unhelpful habits.

Another area where hypnotherapy can be of huge benefit to children is in managing pre-exam anxiety. Many children under perform in exams not because they don’t understand the questions, but because they freeze up under the pressure to perform well.

Hypnotherapy, combined with a few easy to learn self hypnosis techniques that children usually find simple and easy to do, can make all the difference.

Here is a link to just one of many studies that have shown how effective hypnosis can be in managing pre-performance anxiety of all kinds, whether intellectual, athletic or artistic.

And, by the way, this is all true for adults who suffer from pre-performance anxiety too.

My experiences as a mother and grandmother often give me an understanding of what both parent and child might be going through when children have to deal with stressful situations.

If you think that hypnotherapy may be of help to a child in your care, I’m happy to confidentially answer any questions you may have about hypnotherapy and children, so why not give me a call on
0421 396 994

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