Hypnotherapy via Skype

Online Hypnotherapy, via Skype  or telephone,  has proven to be an effective way of providing professional help for a growing number of people who would otherwise be unable to visit a therapist.

Its effectiveness has been shown in several research studies and is now considered an evidence-based form of therapy and counselling. In the UK and Australia, Online Counseling is recognized by national health authorities as a valuable resource and a reliable and confidential approach.

How does Hypnotherapy work over Skype?

The short answer is, the same way as hypnosis in person. The same hypnotic language, using the same tempo, tone and volume, is communicated over the phone or Skype as it is in person.

Having done this for years and with great success, I would say there is a benefit for clients when they choose this format because they’re in a familiar environment during their sessions (ie. in their homes and usually cosy in or on their own beds) and for many, this is an extra help in relaxation.

Also, for people suffering from OCD or agoraphobia for example, it is a huge bonus to be able to receive the therapy they need, without leaving their home.

All that is needed from the client is a quiet, confidential space with access to the internet.

Hypnosis sessions via Skype are a safe, convenient and effective way of addressing a wide range of conditions.

Distance need no longer prevent you from having effective help.
I’m happy to confidentially answer any questions you may have about hypnotherapy via Skype,
so why not give me a call on 0421396994

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