Hypnosis to Manage Anxiety and Pain Associated with Colonoscopy

In a paper published in the American Journal of Clinical Medicine*, Gary Elkins PhD describes a clinical study where six patients were treated with hypnosis prior to undergoing a colonoscopy procedure.

In all cases, anxiety and discomfort levels were considerably reduced.

Hypnosis is a mind-body intervention that has been used to manage pain and anxiety with reduced sedation during medical procedures. In a clinical study six patients received a hypnotic
induction and instruction in self-hypnosis on the day of their colonoscopy. Patients’ levels of anxiety, pain, and satisfaction were obtained using Visual Analogue Scales (VAS). Results
revealed most of the patients experienced very minimal anxiety and pain during colonoscopy, and satisfaction with hypnosis was very positive. The techniques of self-hypnosis for relaxation can be easily learned by patients and has the potential to decrease the requirement for sedation during colonoscopy Read on 

* Hypnosis to Manage Anxiety and Pain Associated with Colonoscopy, Gary Elkin Phd. American Journal of Clinical Medicine • Special Issue 2010 • Volume Seven, Number Three

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