Hypnosis for Procrastination

Procrastination can cause anxiety and dissatisfaction in many people.

It stems from the unconscious desire to ‘bury the head in the sand’ and hope it goes away. It’s often linked to fear in one of several ways:

  • We may fear some aspect of the process we’re putting off; for example going to the dentist if we fear the possible discomfort;
  • We may fear the consequences; for example, putting off giving bad news to our boss for fear of a dressing down

More often though, it’s a case of convincing ourselves that there is something more enjoyable that is also more urgent. We really shouldn’t miss that soccer game on TV so we’ll put off preparing that reportprorastination

But the tasks don’t go away; they simply get added to the list of other things we haven’t got around to doing yet, and so adding to the anxiety and dissatisfaction that we felt.

Hypnosis is highly effective in creating a fundamental shift in thought processing that allows us to do what we know needs to be done, without delay. No longer is the default setting set to waiting till the last possible minute to attempt to complete a task or activity.

Using hypnosis your unconscious mind is reprogrammed to actual ‘act’ and ‘do’ what your conscious mind knows needs to be done. A new level of action is therefore established for the long term.

This results in a new level of contentment and the positive feelings of freedom.

But that’s not the best of it. It’s often said that the secret to achievement in life is doing the little things consistently.

So eliminating procrastination from your life may be the best thing you ever do to help you achieve your life goals.

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