Useful Links

Australian Hypnotherapy Association 

Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia

American Psychotherapy and Medical Hypnosis Association

Lung Cancer is an excellent site for those struggling with this disease.

My Cancer Place is the only place to join a community of people with cancer, share information, give and receive support, learn from the experiences of others, and create a free web page with text and photos that you can change anytime.

Surviving Mesothelioma is filled with wonderful resources for mesothelioma patients, and where you can download a free copy of Surviving Mesothelioma by Paul Krause who was diagnosed more than a decade ago and is still enjoying life today.  also has an excellent page on mesothelioma, written by a medical specialist. It also has a free, downloadable guide. You can find it here.

useNature, (A listing of alternative therapy providers).

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