LGBT Support

The reality is that, for a great many Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender members of our community, life can have many additional challenges.

Rejection, criticism or judgement by others, sometimes even family members, can be painful and can leave one with feelings of sadness and low self worth.

Hypnosis can be of enormous benefit in helping to deal with these challenges and the feelings that they may leave you with.

Using hypnosis I can help you to remain calm, to continue to feel good about yourself even when confronted; to enjoy your life to the fullest and to achieve your true potential.

I provide a safe and confidential environment where you can find help if and when you need it to deal with situations and your feelings about them, and learn powerful self help tools to deal with high stress situations.

I’m happy to confidentially answer any questions you may have,
so why not give me a call on 07 3844 9620 or 0421 396 994

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