Psychodermatology: Hypnosis, Self-Hypnosis, Meditation and Autogenic Training in Dermatology, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, and Dermal Health

* Gerrard Sunnan MD has written an extremely comprehensive paper covering various aspects of how the mind relates to skin health and how hypnosis can help with skin disorders. . .


Psyche and skin are connected, and in this relationship, mental stressors can aggravate and even give rise to skin pathologies. On the other […]

Hypnosis and Dermatology

In dermatology, hypnosis may help decrease pain and pruritus in the skin; intervene in psychosomatic aspects of skin diseases; and lead to the resolution of some skin diseases, including verruca vulgaris. Suggestion without formal trance induction may be effective in some cases. Sulzberger and Wolf reported on the use of suggestion to treat verrucae.

Hypnosis […]