Fear of flying

Hypnosis for Flying

FlyingI think everyone will agree that air travel is a great way to get to a distant business meeting, a way to get a vacation off to a fast start, and a way to get families together at holidays and special celebrations. However, it can be a hassle. And, sometimes it can be downright scary for some travelers.

Hypnosis has the potential of assisting us with being able to fly more comfortably. Dealing with the anticipation of the hassles [going through security, packing bags, tight seating in coach/economy] is the first step.

Secondly, we take a look at the actual experience of flight.

Many report a fear of losing control, while others note a concern with having no means of exit a kind of claustrophobia. Everyone has his or her own set of concerns occasionally built on the foundation of an actual bad experience of flight that must be understood and respected.

Hypnosis helps with rehearsal and anxiety reduction. It can help us develop the expectancy of a tolerable experience. I was delighted recently read of a fellow who had a new grandchild in a distant city. He dearly wanted to visit the new baby, but the drive would be prohibitively long, and he had never flown without being dead drunk.

This was no longer an option, as he had gone through a sobriety program several years before, and still attended AA. But he wanted to hold that baby in his arms!

And he did. He was elated about the ease of the flight, commenting on the surprise of his wife, noting that he was like a kid with a new bike, seeing how much fun he had looking out the window of the plane, describing the features of the farmland, rivers and cities below.

Hypnosis, working with his unconscious mind, altered his anticipation of flight increasing his ability to remain comfortable, helping him look forward to meeting his grandbaby nose to nose.

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