Hypnosis for Hoarding

Clutter, which is often related to procrastination, is a leading cause of disorganization. There are many reasons why people clutter. Some reasons include things such as feeling overwhelmed, and your highest priorities at that time, are somewhere else. Perhaps you just don’t know where to start in removing your clutter.

How many times have you heard yourself say, “I better not throw this away? I might need it someday.” Maybe you feel that you do not have enough space or enough time to take care of the 


problem. It could be that you just do not know where to go for help. If you know that you have a problem with keeping things, you may seek the assistance of a friend or even your spouse, if he or she is positive in helping you and not yelling at you for having it.

There are also many organizations that help people get rid of clutter and organize your life. 

Hoarding is a much more serious form of cluttering. It is the excessive collection of things, along with the person’s inability to discard them. Hoarders often create such cramped living conditions that their homes may be filled to capacity with their things, leaving only narrow pathways that wind through the clutter. 

Hoarding has also been referred to as compulsive hoarding or compulsive hoarding syndrome. It also can be a symptom of obsessive-compulsive disorder. 

The above is an excerpt from a paper titled, ” The Role of Hypnotherapy in Working With Cluttering and Hoarding” By Judith L. Cameron, Ph.D.

Hoarding, as with other Obsesssive  Compulsive Disorder  manifestations, responds well to Hypnotherapy when used to work at the subconscious level to change the way the subconscious expresses its need to regain control of the suffer’s environment and circumstances.

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Hypnotherapy and Hoarding

Many of us are collectors, and probably even more of us are surrounded by some degree of clutter. These are quite normal situations.

But in some cases, the level of collecting can become a compulsive behavior, to the point where access to parts of the home are restricted by the sheer amount of stuff.

At this level, hoarding can be both a health and a fire risk.

In most cases, hoarding behavior is an effort to impose some degree of control on an environment that the hoarder feels is otherwise out of control.

The process that culminates in obsessive hoarding often begins in teenage years, but can take decades to develop into a serious condition.

Hypnotherapy is highly effective in treating hoarding as the condition is almost always driven by the sufferer’s subconscious attempts to impose control. Continue reading →

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