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Hypnotherapy and the Immune System

“In fact, the brain and the nervous system weave into all the tissues of the body and affect them in very important ways. And because of the two way street that connects the mind and psychology with physiology and biology, the mind itself can affect the body in many powerful ways.”

One neat way to personally experience this amazing mind-body connection is with a method first used in hypnosis called Chevruel’s pendulum. If you’d like to give it a try, tie a small, lightly weighted object (like a metal nut or bolt) to a thread about 12 inches long. Then hold the tip of the thread between your index finger and thumb so the object hangs straight down. Next, place the elbow of your arm holding the thread on a surface like a table top while sitting so the object hangs about ¼ inch above the surface. Sit up straight and let your fingers holding thread hover about 6 inches in front of your nose…”

This is an an excerpt from an excellent article published in Psychology Today by Clifford Lazarus PhD, the Director of the Lazarus Institute, that describes a simple experiment you can do at home to show how the mind directly influences the body.

It goes on to explain how visualisation can boost the immune system 

It’s well worth a read and you can find the entire article here.

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