Psychodermatology: Hypnosis, Self-Hypnosis, Meditation and Autogenic Training in Dermatology, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, and Dermal Health

* Gerrard Sunnan MD has written an extremely comprehensive paper covering various aspects of how the mind relates to skin health and how hypnosis can help with skin disorders. . .


Psyche and skin are connected, and in this relationship, mental stressors can aggravate and even give rise to skin pathologies. On the other […]

Hypnotherapy for Skin Conditions

The skin is a mirror of the inner self, and we frequently use phrases which reflect this: ‘getting under your skin’, ‘thin skinned’, ‘thick skinned’, ‘itching to do something’ for example. These all reflect the fact that it is recognised as a measure of our vulnerability. We use these phrases without thinking about them. It […]

A Pilot Study of Hypnosis in the Treatment of Patients with Psoriasis

Background: The use of psychological therapies for patients with psoriasis has been proposed based on observations that the severity of their disease may correlate with emotional stress. The aim of this pilot study was to evaluate the effect of hypnosis as a treatment modality for patients with psoriasis. Methods: We performed a […]

Hypnosis and the Mind-Skin Connection

In this remarkable article published by the Harvard Medical School, the way in which our skin often reflects our emotional state is explored.

Blushing is shown as an example of how this connection between our emotions and our skin exists.

This link has proven to be so strong that it has led to a new […]

Hypnosis and Dermatology

In dermatology, hypnosis may help decrease pain and pruritus in the skin; intervene in psychosomatic aspects of skin diseases; and lead to the resolution of some skin diseases, including verruca vulgaris. Suggestion without formal trance induction may be effective in some cases. Sulzberger and Wolf reported on the use of suggestion to treat verrucae.

Hypnosis […]

Hypnotherapy and Skin Conditions

If you’ve ever blushed from embarrassment, you know that your skin can reflect what you’re feeling inside. It makes sense, then, that emotional trouble might show up as skin trouble.

Although cause and effect can be difficult to pin down, considerable data suggest that at least in some people, stress and other psychological factors can […]