The Effectiveness of Hypnosis Intervention in Alleviating Postpartum Psychological Symptoms

Thus, hypnosis conducted during pregnancy may promote improvements in psychological well-being postpartum. […]

Hypnotherapy for Depression

Depression afflicts millions of people in America every year. For some, it is a brief episode which occurs only once in their life time. However, for many it is either chronic or recurrent, and can significantly impact their lives. It can become a very debilitating condition, and for a small percentage, it leads to suicide. […]

Hypnotherapy and Grief

Sadness, a profound sense of loss, fear of the loneliness to come; it’s natural to feel all these things in the wake of a tragedy, or the loss of a loved one, especially a life partner.

For a period these emotions can be debilitating, even paralyzing.

But, as we know, for most of us, time […]

Adolescent Stress Linked to Severe Adult Mental Illness, Mouse Study Suggests

A study conducted at John Hopkins University has identified a link between juvenile stress and later onset of mental illness

“We have discovered a mechanism for how environmental factors, such as stress hormones, can affect the brain’s physiology and bring about mental illness,” says study leader Akira Sawa, M.D., Ph.D., a professor of psychiatry and […]