Hypnotherapy and Dermatitis

It has long been know and well understood that our emotion; what’s going on in our lives can affect our skin, for better and for worse, but especially for worse.

A one dermatologist put it when diagnosing a patient the skin on whose hands was splitting, “The skin weeps for a troubled soul”.

This person was in an exceptionally high stress job which was not a good match to his skill set. His doctor had prescribed several creams and medications over a period of months with no improvement.

As he was in the military it was possible for the patient to be reassigned to a less stressful role for which he was better suited.

Within days, the skin on his hands began to improve and soon there were not even scars remaining.

Many of us are not able to change the external factors in our lives that may be causing us these levels of stress, but we can change how we think about and handle them.

This is where hypnotherapy can be of enormous value. Working in conjunction with the GP or dermatologist, a skilled hypnotherapist can work with the client to address the the underlying reasons why the stress component is having the damaging effect that it is.

Here is a link to an interesting case report published in the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis by Dr Paul Sacerdote, entitled ‘HYPNOTHERAPY IN NEURODERMATITIS : A  CASE REPORT’*

* Paul Sacerdote M.D. (1965): Hypnotherapy in Neurodermatitis: A Case Report, American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, 7:3, 249-253

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