Hypnotherapy for Gambling Addiction

With more and more people gambling and with online gambling outlets increasing, there are more reported cases of Gambling Addiction then ever before.

Gambling problems can manifest themselves in many different ways. Some problem gamblers will have all of the signs of their gambling problem and some others may only have one. Gambling addiction affects […]

Hypnosis and Gambling

With the risk of the federal government rescinding laws aimed at helping problem gamblers, the need for effective solutions to this problem has never been more urgent.

An article, entitled Problem Gambling: Treatment Strategies and Rationale For the Use of Hypnosis as a Treatment Adjunct, published several years ago in the Australian Journal of Clinical […]

Utilizing Hypnosis in the Treatment of Substance Abuse Disorders.

An approach described in a paper* published it the American journal of Clinical Hypnosis, describes the use of hypnosis for the treatment of substance abuse disorders, borrowing from studies effectively treating alcoholism by using intensive daily sessions. Combining the more intense treatment of 20 daily sessions with hypnosis is a successful method to treat addictions. […]

Hypnosis for Alcoholism

Hypnotherapy has a long history of success in the treatment of addictions.

In a paper entitled, Intensive Therapy: Utilizing Hypnosis in the Treatment of Substance Abuse Disorder*, Greg Potter PhD records explains that hypnosis was widely used around the turn of the Twentieth Century. Howevr, by 1910, due to the increasing appearance of hypnosis as […]

Hypnotherapy and Addiction

Hypnotherapy is becoming more commonly used as a treatment option for people trying to break a substance abuse cycle of dependence, especially in follow-up care to help prevent relapse.

Like drug therapy that is used to treat cravings and modify behaviors, hypnotherapy should be administered qualified therapists. It is considered a piece of a comprehensive […]