Hypnotherapy and Addiction

Hypnotherapy is becoming more commonly used as a treatment option for people trying to break a substance abuse cycle of dependence, especially in follow-up care to help prevent relapse.

Like drug therapy that is used to treat cravings and modify behaviors, hypnotherapy should be administered qualified therapists. It is considered a piece of a comprehensive treatment program, and is gaining more recognition nationwide as a viable option for addiction therapy.

In some cases, hypnosis is linked to a reduction in harmful behaviors. It can also be used to give patients a greater feeling of control over their own recovery.

Hypnosis may reduce desires for addictive behaviors because it aids in relaxation. In a relaxed state of awareness, a patient may become more open and accepting of recovering from their addiction. While some hypnotists may be able to move into recovering deep personal issues with the patient, this type of approach may be better left with professional addiction counselors.

In addition, hypnosis is side effect free, and can be a valuable tool is discovering and dealing with the root causes of the addictive behavior, thus reducing the likelihood of a later relapse.

However, as a tool for calming the mind and revealing new perspectives for people suffering from addiction, hypnotherapy is receiving increased attention as experts look to refine treatment options for a growing number of compulsions and addictions.

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