Performance improvement

Hypnosis for Performance Improvement

Hypnosis can improve your skills and performance.

Hypnosis has long been used to help athletes, musicians, performers, and others to achieve greater results by improving their skills. Henry Ford said, “If you believe you can, or believe you can’t…you’re right.”

Golf-WomanBy using medical hypnosis and clinical hypnotherapy you will discover the power of mentally rehearsing the performance you want to achieve.

Hypnosis helps you remove obstacles and limitations to your beliefs, helps you create stronger positive behavior and learning, and uncovers any emotional barriers or fears of success. By improving your confidence and certainty of success in mind, you are transforming your brain… actually changing your brain.

The Dali Lama is an avid lover of science and for many years felt that the monks who meditated regularly actually changed their brains in ways that were quite astounding. Eventually, researchers in neuroscience at the University of Wisconsin studied the Tibetan monks that meditated. The Dali Lama was correct.

By focusing our intentions, beliefs, and expectations in a meditative or trance state, the brain actually changes. We now refer to this phenomenon as neuroplasticity or brain plasticity.

Sophistications in neuroimaging have now proven that what we pretend and believe in imagination is acted upon as real in the brain. With motivation and regular mental practice or mental rehearsal, the brain changes to reflect the improved skills we are imagining in mind. As they now say, ‘neurons that fire together, wire together’.

Do you know the power of mental rehearsal?

Studies show that what we imagine stimulates areas of the brain.

Here is an interesting example of mental rehearsal that has been replicated with similar results. A study carried out at Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan by one L. Verdelle Clark found that Mental Practice does indeed have a noticeable effect on the improvement of skills.

The study was carried out to measure the impact of mental practice on basketball free throws. The first group of students practiced physically throwing the ball for 20 days and were scored on both the first and last days. The second group was also scored on the first and last days, however, they did not engage in any practice whatsoever. Interestingly, the third group did not do any physical practice at all and instead practiced throwing the ball only in their mind, making corrections to their next throw whenever they missed.

The Results

The first group that had practiced for 20 minutes a day scored a 24% improvement in their skill. The second group showed no improvement, naturally, and the third group amazingly improved by 23%; only 1% less than those that physically practiced, which shows that, without a doubt, skills improve with mental rehearsal.cartoon-of-business-executive-giving-speech-before-audience-148142072

Another Example of Successful Mental Practice 

Capablanca was an immensely talented Chess player and experts believed that he might never be defeated, such was his superiority over all competition. He was defeated though in 1927 and by a rather obscure player named Alekhine who was previously given no chance against the champion. After the defeat, the world was in shock at such an upset. When quizzed by a journalist on how he had prepared for the match, Alekhine told him that he had spent 3 months in the country playing chess in his mind and mentally rehearsing the match.
Now, remember that a hypnotic trance is a conscious state of focused awareness where one is absorbed in their own thoughts and ideas so well that they are concentrating their mental energy like a magnifying glass concentrates the rays of the sun. So, the mental rehearsal studied in chess players, athletes, musicians, performers of all kind… including a student preparing for an exam or a business person mentally rehearsing a speech… are all examples of using the power of mind (which is a motivated and intentional form of hypnotic trance) with hypnosis.

Whether it’s business, sports, artistic performance or giving a speech, hypnosis can make a huge difference to how you perform, especially when under pressure.

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