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Hypnotherapy in Dentistry

Hypnosis is becoming widely used in dentistry, especially in cases where side effects make the use of certain drugs problematic.

Fear of needles and involuntary gagging, both of which dentists encounter in the patients from time to time, respond extremely well to hypnotherapy.

In this a paper published in the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, and titled, Three Case Reports in Dental Hypnotherapy*, J. Arthur Weyandt D.S.S., describes case studies where hypnosis proved effective with dentistry patients.

You can read the paper here

* J. Arthur Weyandt D.S.S. (1972): Three Case Reports in Dental Hypnotherapy, American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, 15:1, 49-55

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Hypnotherapy and Exam Anxiety

A study published in the Delhi Psychiatry Journal in October 2011, compared the examination performance of ten children using a standardised anxiety testing instrument pre and post hypnotherapy intervention.

Summarised,  the results were:

Results: Pre test anxiety scores ranged from 80-92% among all the children while post test anxiety scores dropped to a range of 60-68 %. The pre test academic
scores ranged 50-57% while post intervention scores increased by 10-15%. Further, anxiety symptoms of forgetting before the exam, excessive nervousness, sweating during and before the exam, going blank after seeing the paper were all controlled/eliminated after hypnotherapy and these were observed by the teachers, parents and the children themselves.

Conclusion: These results indicated that hypnotherapy as treatment intervention proved to be effective in reducing exam anxiety and improving scholastic performance among children.”

This is one of several studies showing how, particularly for children prone to pre-exam nervous tension, hypnotherapy is highly effective and in most cases results in measurably improved scholastic outcomes as well as markedly reduced physical and emotional symptoms of anxiety in both adults and children.

You can read the full study here


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