Hypnotherapy for Hair Pulling

Recent research in Israel confirms that hypnotherapy is a highly effective, side effect free way of helping the sufferer to stop the behavior.

You can read here a recent paper that describes three case studies where trichotillomania was effectively treated with hypnosis.

At my practice in Highgate Hill in Brisbane I often see young […]

Hypnosis for hair Pulling - Trichotillomania

Here is an excerpt from an article published in ACTA Paediatrica

Hypnotherapy: an effective treatment modality for trichotillomania*

This study describes a non-pharmacological treatment modality for children with trichotillomania. Three children with trichotillomania were treated using a hypnotherapy technique. All patients were observed in the outpatient clinic for 8 consecutive weeks and subsequently followed for […]

Hypnosis and Hair Pulling

Tim Brunson Phd, writing for the International Hypnosis Research Center, has this to say about Trichotillomania:

“Trichotillomania is a learned behavior that is programmed into the patient’s brain during a period in their life when that organ does not have sufficient neo-cortical resources to understand and deal with threats. Therefore, it is somewhat of a […]

Hypnotherapy and Hair Pulling (Trichotillomania)

Hair pulling, (Trichotillomania), is the most common cause of hair loss in children. First described in 1889, trichotillomania results in alopecia or hair loss, caused by the repeated pulling of one’s hair from, most often the head, followed by the eyelashes and eye brows. But the hair of any part of the body may be […]