Hypnosis and Hair Pulling

Tim Brunson Phd, writing for the International Hypnosis Research Center, has this to say about Trichotillomania:

Trichotillomania is a learned behavior that is programmed into the patient’s brain during a period in their life when that organ does not have sufficient neo-cortical resources to understand and deal with threats. Therefore, it is somewhat of a defensive reaction that is programmed (i.e. habituated). Should the patient not grow out of it, the resulting neural networks become so strong that they tend to resist any type of intervention.

The psychotherapeutic treatment of trich must address empowerment, self-efficacy, the development of dissociative awareness, and habit replacement. Essentially, they must develop the belief that they can change, awareness of hair pulling incidents, and replace their self-image and habitual behavior. The re-focusing of their mind can help the neural networks associated with the malady to wither and strengthen new pathways.

Hypnotherapy is uniquely suited as an intervention for the treatment of trichotillomania. This is for two primary reasons. First, the essential nature of hypnosis is to bypass resistance to change. This is often referred to as a bypass of pattern resistance, a bypass of the critical faculty, or splitting the symptoms from the cause. However, the primary fact here is that once a trich sufferer becomes an adult, the associated neural patterns are extremely strong and, like any entrenched patterns, they will resist any efforts to change.”

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