Hypnosis and Asthma

As early as 1968 the British Medical Journal published details of a study conducted for the Research Committee of the British Tuberculosis Association*

The study was an investigation of hypnosis in asthma among patients aged 10 to 60 years with paroxysmal attacks of wheezing or tight chest capable of relief by bronchodilators.

“Independent clinical assessors considered the asthma to be “much better” in 59% of the hypnosis group and in 43% of the control group, the difference being significant There was little difference between the sexes. Physicians with previous experience of hypnosis obtained significantly better results than did those without such experience.”

In the more than forty years since then, there have been many more studies confirming that hypnotherapy is an extremely valuable tool in helping with asthma.

In particular, most asthmatics can be quite easily taught a simple self hypnosis technique that they can use to help them remain calm at the onset of symptoms. This state of calmness can often avert a full asthmatic attack.

As the study group’s age range (10 – 60 years), shows, this is true both for adults and children.

You can read the complete study here

* Hypnosis for Asthma – a Controlled Trial. A Report to the Research Committee of the British Tuberculosis Association Br Med J. 1968 October 12; 4(5623): 71–76

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