Hypnosis for Premature Ejaculation

Hypnotherapy can be a fantastic cure for sufferers of premature ejaculation, according to new research.

In a feature for contracostatimes.com, health journalist Laura Casey studied how hypnotherapists are treating sexual health problems and concluded that premature ejaculation is often a mental condition linked to performance anxiety which can be cured via hypnosis.

Casey discovered that many hypnotherapists provide a course aimed at activating the parasympathetic nervous system, in order to elongate the sexual experiences of male patients.

The method – described as ‘meditation with a purpose’ – was first introduced as a self-treatment by Seth-Deborah-Roth in the 1980s and has been widely-adopted by hypnotherapists around the world today. Within the article, Casey also suggested that similar treatment could be a viable solution for those who suffered from other bedtime problems – such as impotency and bed-wetting.

Evaluating the research, fellow health journalist Sam Davidson agreed that hypnotherapy would appear to be a plausible solution for those who suffered from premature ejaculation.

Writing for 121doc.co.uk, he said: “As anxiety is known to be a risk factor for premature ejaculation, the treatment suggested by the daily can be effective in relieving anxious thoughts an individual faces when excited.

“A one to two hour session can take a person to a state of ‘relaxed awareness’, which can be helpful in regulating the rapid stream of impulses linked to premature ejaculation.”

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