Hypnosis for Stress

Stress is an essential part of everyday life that sometimes can be extremely taxing for us.

When out of control, it can harm our health, our relationships, our performance at work and our happiness.stress

Whether it comes as the result of a devastating event or just the constant ‘stuff’ that makes life difficult sometimes, stress is always there, challenging us, prompting us to excel, but sometimes hurting us.

Mostly, we just pass stress symptoms off as a temporary thing that will go away with time, and usually it does.

The problem is that this ignores the effect that stress can have on the human body when endured over long periods of time and in excess. Stress has been linked to a whole host of physical ailments, including many different types of cancer.

Contrary to the popular saying, stress won’t just make you lose your hair. It could cause you to lose your life.

Stress is generally built up over time. It doesn’t discriminate, either. Stress problems can afflict students as they prepare for exams or complete work; it can bother people who are having financial or legal problems. Even the wealthy are not immune because as far as the subconscious is concerned, having a great deal to lose can be just as stressful as not being able to pay the bills.

One of the most effective way to deal with out of control stress is through hypnosis.

As a hypnotherapist, I see many clients who want to find a way out from under the burden of stress. Sometimes this involves working with the subconscious to work through past experiences that might be making relatively mundane events disproportionately stressful, for example, making cold calls, or speaking to a group. Often, the client simply needs the period of peace which I provide using hypnosis coupled with a few easily taught, self help techniques.

Whatever the cause of stress symptoms, hypnosis is an invaluable tool in relearning how to manage the underlying issue/s effectively so you can regain a peaceful, fulfilling life. If you are under the constant cloud of stress that won’t allow you to live the quality of life you would like, then I can help.

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