Hypnotherapy in medicine The subconscious approach to healing

“Hypnosis makes no claim that it can cure physical illness. Hypnosis simply has the ability to stimulate the human mind to it’s fullest potential to cure the body. Each person’s mind has the ability to make the condition better or worse. Depending on the given strength of that person’s mind and how advanced the medical condition is the expected outcomes will change.

For example, doctors and others have seen people give up and die quickly thereafter. Doctors and others have also seen people fight and survive much longer than expected. It has also been observed that some people recover completely.

We generally accept today that humans use about 5% of their brain day. That is simply referred to as the conscious mind. The subconscious mind makes up the remaining 95%. Everything other than cognitive thought is subconscious. This includes the regulation of hormones, body temperature, pain management, blood flow, and other functions that can be manipulated with modern medicine. Antibiotics and antiviral medicines are excluded because they deal with foreign organisms.

In short medicines that effect how people feel only mimic what hypnosis does naturally. However the manual administration of medicine may exceed the body’s natural ability to produce it on it’s own.

Unlike administration of medicines, there are no side effects with hypnotherapy because nothing is being introduced into the body.”

This is a quote from a wide ranging paper that John Krukowski C.H. presented to the Science Department at the Ministry of Public Health in Bangkok, Thailand in 2006. It discusses how hypnotherapy is effective in assisting the healing of many illnesses, including Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Fibromyalgia, Hypertension, Multiple Sclerosis and Pain Management.
John also touches on Hypnooncology, mentioning a programme called “I CAN”, at the La Grange Memorial Hospital in La Grange Illinios.

To read the complete presentation, Click Here

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