Hypnotherapy and Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is one of the most common sexual problems. Men with this condition may find that they cannot withhold ejaculation long enough to satisfy a sexual partner. Additionally, stress associated with this problem may make sex less enjoyable for the patients themselves. This is usually considered a lifelong problem unless adequate treatment is sought.

The use of hypnosis for premature ejaculation aims to help patients relax and regain more control over their bodies. It also gives patients more control over their minds. Both the mind and body work together in this respect, because a stronger mind is able to gain more control over every aspect of the body.

Some patients may take longer than others to reap the benefits of hypnosis for premature ejaculation. Those who are unusually stressed or who suffer from anxiety may require more and longer sessions than those who already have a good understanding of relaxation techniques or who practice meditation.  Premature-Ejaculation

In some cases premature ejaculation and other sexual dysfunction may occur later in life. This is often associated with a particular stressor or event, such as the death of a loved one. In many cases, once the traumatic event or anxiety has passed, sexual function returns to normal.

Because the condition is almost always linked to stress and how it is, or is not, managed, premature ejaculation usually responds to hypnotherapy very well.

Rarely premature ejaculation may be caused by an underlying medical condition. For this reason, men who experience this or any other sexual dysfunction, especially if symptoms arise suddenly, should have a thorough examination. This is especially important if other symptoms are also present.

It is important though to work with an accredited hypnotherapist with training and experience in this area, as trust is a vital component of the therapeutic process.

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