Hypnosis and Self Esteem

In 2006, Thomas Herber conducted an interesting piece of research as part of his Masters program*.

His thesis begins, ” Enhancing self-esteem may have significant therapeutic value, but little research has been done on the application of hypnotic ego strengthening for this purpose. This study examined the effects of two procedures intended to enhance self-esteem: […]

Hypnotherapy and Self Esteem

Self-esteem means regarding yourself as valuable and deserving, treating yourself with respect, and feeling good about yourself. Self love, or unconditional positive self-regard, is a hallmark of emotional health. Perhaps the most important quality a parent can demonstrate and impart to a child is self-esteem. People with high self esteem have the ability to bounce […]

Hypnotherapy and Self Esteem

Our self esteem can be a pivotal factor in many areas of our lives.

How we feel about ourselves can be and is assessed by others in many situations, both social and professional. It affects the way we think about and approach these situations.

In the case of a job interview, if we are not […]