Hypnotherapy and Self Esteem

Our self esteem can be a pivotal factor in many areas of our lives.

How we feel about ourselves can be and is assessed by others in many situations, both social and professional. It affects the way we think about and approach these situations.

In the case of a  job interview, if we are not confident, it can show in our body language, the words we choose and how elaborately we answer questions.

A skilled interviewer will pick up on these indicators and this can make all the difference when it comes to a final hiring decision.

Lack of self confidence can limit our social lives and may be a barrier to our forming lasting relationships.

Indeed, low self esteem has been shown to be what is called an Outcome Variable in how we deal with and recover from illnesses such as cancer and heart attacks.

Hypnotherapy is a highly effective, reliable and side effect free method of removing the barriers to a healthy self esteem

“Hypnotic techniques offer the clinician an abundance of options for enhancing self-esteem and self-efficacy. Their impact upon the core beliefs that characterise self-esteem may be direct, as in the case of ego-strengthening, or indirect, as in the case of a variety of interventions which enhance self-worth through the relief  of distressing affects, behaviours, and cognitions and the resolution of intrapsychic conflict.”

This quote is from a paper published in Hypnosis in Australia, Nov 1997, entitled, SELF-ESTEEM, HYPNOSIS AND EGO-ENHANCEMENT by Simon P. Stafrace Psychiatrist in Private Practice, Barry J. Evans Department of  Psychiatry, University of Melbourne and Graham D. Burrows AO, KSJ Department of Psychiatry, University of Melbourne Austin & Repatriation Medical Centre.

You can read the entire paper here.


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