Hypnosis for Pain Management

pain-mapHypnosis can be used for all patients for pain relief including, in some instances, as a form of analgesia for surgery, a Perth conference of anaesthetists and pain specialists was told in 2012.

New Zealand psychiatrist and pain medicine specialist, Dr Bob Large, from the Auckland Regional Pain Service said about 10 to 15 per cent of the population is highly hypnotisable and could potentially undergo surgery, such as gallbladder or thyroid removal, without anaesthetic.

However, Dr Large told an Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists conference in Perth, the rest of the population can still benefit from hypnosis to control their pain levels through suggestions made by a specialist that can change a patient’s expectations of pain. This has been shown to be effective in child birth and for dealing with cancer and chronic pain and pain following medical procedures.

Hypnosis is now well established as a highly effective, side effect free form of pain management.

Hypnosis is particularly beneficial for children dealing with chronic pain, as they usually take to hypnosis easily and quickly become skilled at self hypnosis.

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