Hypnosis for Gambling

Opportunities to gamble have increased significantly over the past decade. Along with the rapid expansion of legalized gambling has come an increase in the number of gambling problems. For most people, gambling is a social or recreational activity, something that is fun and entertaining. But for others, gambling causes problems and, for some, it becomes uncontrollable and is no longer a choice.

gambling1Compulsive gambling is not a bad habit but rather a life-threatening disorder. Compulsive gambling is destructive to families, friendships and careers. Bills go unpaid. Basic needs like money for food and rent are neglected. Some gamblers become suicidal. Most will need help to change their gambling behavior.

The thrill of gambling, just like any other habit, creates a natural high that can become addictive. It can take us away from the realities of life and shift our focus away from what needs to be done on a day to day basis, so real life starts to pass us by while the mayhem of gambling takes over.

But fortunately, life does not have to be this way, you can move forward from gambling addiction, through Gambling Addiction Hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy uses trance or the ‘hypnotic state’ to help bring about change in a client. One of the physical effects of trance include the lowering of blood pressure which produces a sense of calm, vital to help overcome a gambling addiction. ¬†Also, studies of brain imaging during this trance state, show physical changes to areas involving memory, thoughts and emotions.¬† It is thoughts and emotions that lead to the behaviour of gambling which, need to be changed. Through Gambling Addiction Hypnotherapy you can find different strategies for dealing with these thoughts and emotions, which previously acted as triggers for gambling.



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