Hypnosis for Vaginismus

What is Vaginismus?

Vaginismus is a fairly common problem in which the muscles at the entrance to the vagina tighten-up and make penetration almost impossible and certainly painful. Medical Research records that is almost invariably (but not in all cases, there are physical causes too) due to psychological issues, often occurring after some sort of relationship distress. It is not uncommon for women to be affected for many years as sexual problems often tend not to be dealt with due to the embarrassment of talking about it with somebody. It is most commonly found in ladies in their late teens to early thirties and can have a seriously debilitating effect on relationships and self-esteem.

What can cause Vaginismus?

For most sufferers of Vaginismus the cause is psychological, sometimes a consequence of negative childhood experiences such as the attitude to sex by parents. Sometimes it can be due to a difficult child birthing experience. Despite the Psychological cause, the vagina muscles tightening making penetration almost impossible can become an unconscious reflex that sufferers can do little about. Sometimes the first sexual encounter can be painful or very negative and can result in this “defensive” reflex. Often it can be caused by nothing more than just negative talk or messages that go around in early youth and it is not uncommon to find that problems within a relationship can also give rise to Vaginismus.

Can Vaginismus be treated?

Hypnotherapy can almost certainly help to either uncover the emotional issues that have given rise to the condition or can help to re-frame the sufferer’s thinking in order to be able to deal with the powerful perceptions and belief systems associated with the condition.


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