Hypnosis for Anxiety

To date, few studies have explored the use of hypnosis in treatment of anxiety disorders (a class of conditions marked by frequent, excessive or irrational worrying often accompanies by physical symptoms). In a 2010 Business-Stress-Man-With-Text-Anxietyreport from Expert Review of Neurotherapeutics, researchers sized up the available research and found that hypnosis shows promise as a safe and effective treatment for anxiety. They also found “compelling evidence” that hypnosis may help manage anxiety-related health problems, such as headaches and irritable bowel syndrome.

Some studies also suggest that hypnosis may help people deal with anxiety triggered by certain stressful situations. For instance, a 2006 study from Anesthesia and Analgesia shows that hypnosis may alleviate anxiety prior to undergoing surgery. In tests on 76 surgery patients, the study’s authors found that participants who underwent hypnosis were significantly less anxious upon entering the operating room (compared to members of the control groups). Other research suggests that hypnosis may help relieve anxiety among people undergoing dental procedures or colonoscopy for colorectal cancer screening.

Hypnosis, or Hypnotherapy, is a safe, side effect free and highly effective way of ridding yourself of unhelpful anxiety.

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