Hypnosis for Children

Here ** is a link to a study of using Hypnosis with Children that describes the long history of using hypnosis to achieve highly successful outcomes with children.

Kids today really have a lot to deal with. There are pressures to perform at school, in after school activities such as sports and arts, in the area of social media, and with older children, as well as the worry of choosing a sustainable career.

These stresses and anxieties sometimes become too much for our young folk to deal with, which can result in a range of symptoms, both emotional and physical.

Children can develop a variety symptoms, including phobias and stomach problems. (I increasingly work with specialist Pediatric Gastroenterologists at Lady Cilento Hospital to help children with emotionally driven gut problems).

Hypnotherapy is completely safe for children, (and adults), it’s entirely without side effects and it usually achieves permanent results in such cases.

As part of the work I do, I teach my young clients techniques and tools that they can use for the rest of their lives to help deal with stressful periods in their lives.

Enjoy the article.

** Applications of Clinical Hypnosis with Children      
Daniel P Kohen. University of Minnesota, USA
International Handbook of Clinical Hypnosis.  Copyright 2001 John WIley and Sons Ltd
ISBN: 0-471-97009-3

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