Hypnotherapy and Health Anxiety

Health anxiety can be a serious issue and we’re seeing a rising number of people wrongly convinced they are seriously ill.

The anxiety helpline charity Anxiety UK has said that the disorder is one of the issues for which they receive the most calls.

Many patients seek constant reassurance from GP’s and helplines  that there is nothing wrong with them, with the most common fear being  cancer but with an increase in people concerned that they might have a mental illness.

Sometimes sufferers have nursed someone close to them through a debilitating illness such as cancer and this results in them becoming preoccupied with the fear they might have it themselves.

The disorder is characterized by the excessive seeking of reassurance from friends and family and if these symptoms do sound familiar to you then it is important that you seek help.

Hypnotherapy is  highly effective in the treatment of anxiety in any form.

The key to hypnotherapy treatment is its ability to access the subconscious to seek out the root cause of the anxiety. This allows the practitioner to change the individuals perception of the past event and to release emotion from it.

Also, most anxiety cases are brought about because the  ‘Fight or Flight’ mechanism that we all inherited from our ancient ancestors – it helped to keep them alive in a dangerous environment –  has developed a heightened sensitivity at the subconscious level to what it perceives as a threat to us.

Our subconscious always acts in our best interest but it takes its ques from what we’re thinking about whether those thoughts are an accurate assessment of the situation or not, and so is trying to protect us from what it thinks is a threat.

Hypnotherapy is so effective with anxiety related conditions precisely because it works at the subconscious level in a side effect free way to deal with whatever is concerning us enough to trigger the condition.

A skill hypnotherapist can achieve a lasting removealof unwarranted anxiety with its sometimes debilitating symptoms.

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